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This enchanting gathering will showcase an array of exceptional talents, bringing together artists from various regions to captivate and delight our audience. From mesmerizing musical performances and thought-provoking spoken word poetry to captivating visual arts and breathtaking dance routines, our Night of the Arts promises to be a feast for the senses.  

We believe that your talent and unique artistic voice would be a remarkable addition to this remarkable event. Your creative prowess and passion for your craft make you an ideal candidate to share your artistry with our enthusiastic audience. 

Each performance will be a five (5) minute set.  If you would like to join us for "A Night of the Arts" , please send us your contact information and talent.  We will confirm the date and time and location via email.

Let’s Work Together

Send us the type of talent you would like to showcase and your contact information.

We will send you the date, time and location information soon.

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