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The Director

Andre Sartin is the Founder of Act 2 Stage Productions, Inc. which is located in the culturally diverse community of South Florida. ACT 2 has presented dynamic, life changing messages, clearly demonstrated through the Performing Arts. This company is designed to showcase the refined skills of the talented and to empower the artistically gifted. His productions have reached thousands with well written scripts, incredible acting and a powerful display of creative energy. Mr. Sartin's productions successfully bridges the gap between the creative and comedic arts and the imagination of the audience. 

The succinct mission of ACT 2 Stage Productions, is to deliver a quality product that stimulates thought, fosters animated audience responses, while conveying the message of perpetual hope through Jesus Christ.  

From childhood, Mr. Sartin dreamed of making films that only entertained with a life changing message. The director was adamant in his belief that he could influence the hearts and minds of individuals through the performing arts. This creative approach to ministry was given a platform to excel, when Mr. Sartin was delegated the opportunity in 1996 to become Director over the Drama Department of the very large and progressive church that he attends. A fire was ignited in the passion in his soul and he revolutionized the drama ministry. Instead of the traditional church play, Mr. Sartin blended the conservative and the contemporary to radically change thousands of lives each year. He brings God's love and word to life to impact modern-day generations...


Mr. Sartin possesses superior writing skills and a gift for developing a concept into a full scale production. His credits as an accomplished playwright, director, and song writer include many original works. In addition to being a graduate of the New York Film Academy, Andre Sartin has obtained a degree in Communications from Broward College.  He is a former collegiate football player who attended Prairie View University in Prairie View, Texas. He has received numerous accolades for his efforts and has become a leader and role model in his community. He is also a devoted husband and proud father of two wonderful daughters.

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